The new nature-inspired interior design tones

As attention to sustainable materials keeps growing, new styles take the spotlight in furniture production. Trends, and design, propose interiors with new assortments of tones, effects and nature elements.

Nobilpan cooperates every day with furniture, motorhomes and yacht designers proposing materials and décors. From this privileged point of view, we get an early feeling of growing or coming trends.

Some time ago we mentioned that super matt decors were becoming more and more popular. Those deeply opaque colors inspire relaxation and make interiors bright without stressing the eyes.

Earthy tones combined with nature-inspired colors and patterns reduce stress, while increasing creativity and happiness. Tones of green, or clay, combined with the proper natural wood décors bring the nature’s hug within our living spaces. Ocean blues, or cloudy greys, combine with an immense array of “stone like” décors to create welcoming spaces.

These combinations allow to mix old and new styles or to add vintage and retro elements within projects. Therefore, single-color looks are now being replaced by more natural appearing combinations of colors and materials. Where the next developments will bring us, we will discover together.