For us, our work is a partnership

Nobilpan’s constant attention to utilizing modern production equipment running in tandem with the very latest technology, coupled with a sound tradition of good sense and an aptitude for communicating with customers: …”understanding customers’ needs is our priority; satisfying customers’ needs is our daily commitment“. (Marcello Maestri, CEO)

Every effort is made to fully fulfill every individual customer’s needs, from the first meeting, up to the delivery of the product, paying particular attention to the quality/price ratio.

LISTEN – Nobilpan receives the customer’s requirements.

STUDY – Nobilpan carries out a qualitative/quantitative profile study into the customer’s requirements.

FEASIBILITY – Nobilpan plans a streamlined production process, evaluating the size, amount, and type of material chosen for the panels and finishing, and calculates a detailed, personalized quote.

PRODUCTION – Nobilpan produces the products, paying particular attention to the specifications and quantities agreed upon.

DELIVERY – Prompt and punctual delivery of the finished products directly to the customer.