Finishing Panels

Our core business.

Wood or wooden based panels are a natural base for the Nobilpan Finishing Panel process in obtaining a variety of different effects, textures and coloured surfaces:  from a real wood effect to a fabric, painted wall, natural stone or even metallic effect.

The possibilities are endless:  The coating manufacturers’ imagination is the only limit.  Nobilpan scrupulously evaluates not only the quality, variety and advantages of the products offered, but also eco-friendliness running in tandem with modern equipment and the technology used, when choosing its suppliers.

The exclusive Nobilpan Finishing Panel method.

The Nobilpan Finishing Panel method, which consists of applying decorative foils to unfinished panels by means of special vinyl adhesives, has evolved technically over the years, making it now possible to produce panels that are realistic and aesthetically pleasing.

Nobilpan’s 40 years of experience has helped to create an exclusive finishing panel process that guarantees durable longer lasting high-quality panels, reducing costs to a minimum and helping to limit the effect on the environment.

An extensive number of applications.

Nobilpan offers Specialist, Personal and Exclusive customization services which makes it the perfect partner to work with.
Nobilpan panels can be used in a wide range of applications such as furniture, fixtures and fittings, doors, DIY, recreational vehicles, and mobile homes.

Core panels used:

MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard
FibreboardMulti-layered boards
Sandwich Panels

Finishings applied:

Decorative Paper
CPL – Continuous Pressure Laminate
PP – Polypropylene
PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
HPL – High Pressure Laminate