An exclusive personalized service for professionals

With NobiService, Nobilpan can offer Specialist and Personal services for professionals by taking advantage of the many years of experience and its modern production equipment that runs in tandem with the very latest technology.
Thanks to its professional work ethic, flexibility, high craftsmanship and attention to detail, Nobilpan is the perfect partner for you to work with.

On request

Standard or customised products

Nobilpan’s success is built within decades of experience and ability to supply products and services that are customised to its customer’s specific needs and requirements.
The company takes pride in its professional work ethic, providing flexibility, high craftsmanship, and attention to detail, making it possible for the customer to choose every single variable required.

  • Quantity, type, size, and thickness of the core panel
  • Type of coating
  • Technical features of the adhesive used in the panel finishing process

The company’s made-to-measure service is available for either finished or unfinished panels. Nobilpan cuts the standard panels to the customers’ required sizes.  A very high precision, numerically-controlled cutting system is used when cutting panels to size, which apart from reducing waste and errors, ensures quick delivery time

Expert advise

Leading edge technologies for the future

When dealing with wood, and in particular the supply, finishing, and choice of wood or wooden based panels, Nobilpan takes pride in its extensive professional experience, that over the years has been enriched by continued collaboration with professionals who use finishing panels such as those in the furniture and fittings, mobile home, caravan and automotive, DIY, door, and nautical fields.

Nobilpan continues to be not only an experienced, reliable, and trusted point of reference in these fields but also, with its continued commitment to research for new finishing methods and operating at the leading edge of technology, is the perfect partner to work with.