From unfinished panels to exclusive "by Nobilpan" products

Finished Panels.  Nobilpan produces finished panels of mainly 2 to 30 mm in thickness that are coated on one or both sides, with the possibility to differentiate the two sides by color and type of finish effect to meet any aesthetic or price requirement.  Large sized panels (up to 5600 mm x 2200 mm) can be supplied on request.

We can also supply:

  • Spliced panels (folding process)
  • Bevelled and/or perforated panels
  • Wood effect finished panels obtained by using a mechanical pour
  • Painted plywood panels
  • Standard and/or cut-to-size printed panels


Unfinished Panels.  The Nobilpan warehouse is full of the highest quality unfinished panels such as chipboard, MDF, plywood, multilayer, fiberboard, and other similar materials, which are all stored by size and thickness and can be supplied in standard measurements, large sized panels (up to 5600 mm to 2200 mm), or cut to size.
Nobilpan guarantees the quality of its raw material because they pay close attention when selecting suppliers, and have certification, which can be seen on the technical specifications sheets available on request.

Coatings.  Nobilpan panels are available in a wide range of coatings such as impregnated decorative paper finish, thin laminates (CPL), PVC and polypropylene (PP), but Nobilpan also gives its customers the option to personalize colour and finishes.

The “By Nobilpan” products.  The company’s vast experience in the panel finishing business has made it possible for them to develop an exclusive panel finishing range that meets the needs of a large number of trades such as:  Furniture and Fittings, Caravans and general Recreational Vehicles, Doors, DIY, and Nautical industries.
Every product is available in various core panels, thicknesses, coverings (in line with the minimum production amounts) and sizes.  The “By Nobilpan” panels can be cut to size by request.