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The new nature-inspired interior design tones

As attention to sustainable materials keeps growing, new styles take the spotlight in furniture production. Trends, and design, propose interiors with new assortments of tones, effects and nature elements. Nobilpan cooperates every day with furniture, […]

Caravan salon 2023, see you in Düsseldorf!

Once more Nobilpan will exhibit at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon international trade fair, from August 25th to September 3rd 2023.   Are you interested in motor-home and caravan production, components, and accessories?   The RV […]

Nobilpan’S ESG strategy

Our committment to sustainable development Nobilpan, as an ISO 9001 quality system and FSC certified company, has chosen to integrate the ESG principles in its development strategy, as fundamental premises to building a globally sustainable […]

Super-matt inspirations, one color makes it all.

Did the trend begin with top-range design furniture? Or was it something more general, coming from the global market? Well they are here, supermatt colors are part of our interiors, from furniture to walls. Opaque […]

Join the Nobilpan booth at Interzum 2023!

It is time again for the furniture world to meet in Cologne, Interzum 2023 awaits you from May 9th till the 12th. Nobilpan’s team welcomes you to visit our booth in hall 1.2, booth no […]

Time of vans

Have you been to the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon? Or to any recent RV event, or trade show? One thing you may have noticed is a large, and growing, range of small vans available. Always preferred […]

Nobilpan method

For us, working means collaborating


The customer submits the request to Nobilpan.


The customer’s request is analyzed from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.


Nobilpan plans the optimization of the production process, elaborating a detailed personalized estimate.


Nobilpan manufactures the products according to the agreed specifications and requested quantities.


Nobilpan delivers the products ensuring timeliness and punctuality both with its own and external means.


At the core of our work

Sustainable and Eco-friendly: one statement at the heart of our business.

Nobilpan’s awareness in safeguarding the environment and natural resources, in addition to being FSC® certified, is summed up in the “Eco-Friendly by Nobilpan” brand, which reflects the company’s choice in adopting certain policies that give real value to Eco-sustainability:

  • Constant control of the production process to reduce the impact on the environment within the minimal value range
  • Close attention is paid in selecting raw materials with certified quality and origin traceability guaranteed
  • Lamination with products which copy wood or other surfaces and which don’t originate from deforestation
  • High precision numerically controlled cutting system that reduces waste and errors.
  • Formaldehyde free production methods
  • Minimal energy consumption manufacturing process


The love for wood and its infinite resources was where Nobilpan began. Based on its experience and reliability, the company, founded 50 years ago by Alfredo Pezzali, is today the ideal partner to choose for laminating wood based panels. Transforming base materials into high-value quality products is our passion.

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