Efficiency + Punctuality = Satisfaction

At Nobilpan, the management of orders and preparation of deliveries are part of a program aimed at ensuring the best level of customer satisfaction.

Large availability of raw materials in stock.  Nobilpan makes sure a large supply of raw panels in various types and essences, sizes, and thicknesses is available, thus ensuring a wide range of alternatives. The continuous availability of material in stock, moreover, enables reduced production and delivery times.

Automatic warehouses for coating materials.  The large number of references of materials for the coating of panels is efficiently managed through automatic warehouses, thanks to which the operators can locate and procure the chosen coating as quickly and accurately as possible.

Direct delivery to the recipient. Nobilpan offers a constant and punctual service with respect to the order processing time. The great flexibility guaranteed by its own means and agreements with trusted carriers allows timely and punctual deliveries both in Italy and abroad.