Time of vans

Have you been to the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon? Or to any recent RV event, or trade show?

One thing you may have noticed is a large, and growing, range of small vans available.

Always preferred by younger RV users, converted small vans were once simple, rather “spartan”.  It’s not like that anymore.

The best RV manufacturer extended their ranges to include more and nicely finished small vehicles. To keep up with these developments, also most small manufacturers considerably improved the quality of their converted vans.

Style, modern décors and technology drive growth in the millennials’ preferred market segment.

Vehicles are more comfortable, but also more functional to reach even the most remote locations.

Today van buyers look for better interiors when they choose a new vehicle: small but with modern style.

These RV users are here to stay, and their taste is clear. May in a near future, smaller campers dominate the market?